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A BRIT born-and-bred East Londoner, you can feel the influence of his environment within his voice. Blessed with a flow that’s as quick as it is effortless. As you come to realize with the more you hear, they wouldn’t paint the whole picture either. Mickail’s unique sound is cutting through the music industry and catching the ears of music lovers from all around the Globe. His style blurs the lines between London’s streets and the more polished flavors of Hip Hop R&B megastars like Chris Brown and Tory Lanez and Don Toliver. The ease with which he flits between verses and vocals, between hard-hitting and harmony, is something to behold. And this transatlantic influence doesn’t end there. The stage is certainly somewhere he feels most at home. Listening to his music only paints part of the picture; until you experience Mickail Chase in person, you won’t know just how much this young man has to offer. Marry this with the fact that he is in complete control of the creative direction of his music – from writing the songs to choreographing the routines – and you’re left with a talent way beyond his years. The most exciting thing about Mickail, though, isn’t what he’s already done. It’s what an artist like him – raw but refined, promising but proficient – is about to achieve. Mickail Chase is a young man who truly loves to put everything into his music this makes for an exciting future ahead for this young talent.

“Good things come to them who wait!”

Mickail Chase